Q1. How will the footbridge benefit the community?

We anticipate that the following targets could be achieved upon the completion of the footbridge:
(1) easing the crowdedness at the footpaths;
(2)improving the pedestrian environment;
(3)enhancing the connectivity of the walkway system in the vicinity;
(4)reducing the vehicle-pedestrian conflict; and
(5)improving the pedestrian safety

Q2. What is the progress of the Proposed Pedestrian Footbridge System in Mong Kok?

A preliminary conceptual plan was drawn for the proposed footbridge system in Mong Kok and was completed. A consultant was also engaged in the October 2013 to conduct a detailed investigation for the project and a preliminary scheme was prepared in accordance with the findings of the investigation. Since Mong Kok is a highly developed area, in order to construct a new footbridge system in the area, it requires thorough consideration of various complicated issues including studies on its interface with the transport facilities and developments in the vicinity, and its impact on traffic, pedestrian flow and underground facilities (including Mong Kok MTR station). The Investigation was substantially finished in 2016. We have launched a series of public consultation since January 2017, in order to collect the opinions on the proposed footbridge system from the public.

Q3. What is the width of the bridge? How was the width of footbridge decided?

For the Argyle Street Section – along Argyle Street from Tong Mi Road Footbridge to Hak Po Street, the footbridge will provide a 4m clear width of pedestrian corridor, which is adequate to cater for future pedestrian usage, according to the assessment of the Consultant. Meanwhile for the Tong Mi Road Section – along Tong Mi Road from Tong Mi Road Footbridge to Fuk Tsun Street, to comply with the fire safety regulation, an emergency vehicular access of 6m wide should be maintained adjacent to the facade of a building to cater for the fire services officers to handle rescue operation during emergency. Hence, the proposed footbridge along Tong Mi Road will provide a clear width of 2m to 2.5m for pedestrian access, which is adequate to cater for future pedestrian usage, according to the assessment of the Consultant.

Q4. Will the footbridge provide barrier-free access for the pedestrians?

Except for the landings on both sides of Nathan Road due to the existing site constraints elevators

will be provided at all landings to facilitate the use by wheelchair users and the elderly.